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Randy Knapp offers a couple of modifications to the Gurgle-pop which work well for him.


Peter's note: Randy Knapp recently retired from the Seattle Fire Department and now lives in Virginia, where he fishes rivers, ponds and lakes for warmwater species.  He recently emailed me about the Gurgle-pop, writing that "it is his top producer day and night".  Randy suggests a couple of modifications that have worked well for him, and offers a great story below.


My wife, Liz, and I were visiting one of her sisters in Okemos, MI in late May of 2007. Their kitchen was being remodeled by a local contractor who had a small lake on his property. I was talking fly fishing with my brother-in-law and the contractor offered up his stocked pond. He said the State had put in the small lake as part of a plan to restore useable public resources that were taken away by the building of the State freeways around East Lansing. The lake is apparently public though accessible through private land.

One night I went out there to fish and caught many largemouth bass and bluegill using an older 8 1/2' 6wt Fenwick glass rod and old US made Pflueger Medalist reel loaded with a 7wt floating line. My only fly used was a Gurgle Pop. 

About midnight I cast a size 8 or 6 standard Frailey's Gurgle-pop with yellow body, white legs and goldish colored polypro tail. The fly splatted right next to some tall grass that lined the bank and extended out into the water. I heard something like a slurp and lifted the rod. The fight was on and lasted some time before I finally just pointed the rod toward the fish and backed up pulling the thrashing fish up onto the bank. It was a very dark, warm, moonless night and I wasn't sure what I had landed until I saw it in my camera. I did not measure the fish but guessed its length at 30 inches or more before I returned it to the pond. I have been back to the lake/pond twice more in daylight and after dark. It still has numerous bass and bluegill. I have never seen another catfish there.


Gurgle-pop Popper - Randy's version

Photos by Peter Frailey

Randy's modifications to the basic recipe:

1) Use double round legs instead of single. 

2) Do not tie the body any further back than above the hook point.  This allows small fish to inhale a size 8 hook and increases your hookup percentage.

Note: Randy writes that his best color is yellow foam and yellow round rubber legs and brown synthetic tail and body.


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